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Preventing a fire is relatively easy in this modern age; we are given so much information, even from the age of children within schools, that it is almost impossible to believe that anyone would be unaware of the dangers of fire, and what they can do to minimise the possibility of it happening. The same goes for theft and burglary. Safety and security is, after all, something that we all seem to crave inherently, and many of us will automatically make the properties that we manage as safe as physically possible. However, something that many of us will ignore as it is not deemed that important is ensuring that the property is safe, and prevent the need for expensive water damage repairs. Our free water damage prevention course has now been scheduled for Monday January 4th 2016, and you may be surprised at what you discover there.


For example, would you ever consider air conditioners to be likely sources of water damage? Very few people would, and that is due to a severe lack of communication that the property industry has suffered from for many years. Air conditioning units can be placed in many different locations within a property, but the vast majority of them can be found either in or near the ceiling, or within a closet. What many people are completely unaware of is that when an air conditioning unit is turned on and is functioning, moisture will be naturally condensing, and falling into a compartment called the ‘drip pan’ that lies below the air conditioning coils. Over time, this drip pan will fill up with more and more water – and very few air conditioning units have fail safes if that dripping pan is unable to drain away properly.


It does not take much thought or imagination to understand what could happen next. As most people do not consider an air conditioning unit a likely cause of flooding, many valuables could be placed underneath it, and that means that if the worst does happen, there is nothing that you can do once it has started. The level of water damage itself will depend on how much water was in the drip pan, and what sort of items you had underneath it – but it is never a pleasant experience, and something that all property managers dread. The only way to prevent this water damage from occurring is to regularly check to see whether or not the drip pan is draining away as it was designed to do.


If this information was new to you, and you want to learn more about other ways that you can prevent water damage from happening in the property that you manage, please do attend our free water damage prevention course that is being held on Monday January 4th 2016. We will also be supporting the Red Cross Disaster Relief fund, a fantastic charity that does its utmost to support and help those who through no fault of their own suffer through the worst damage imaginable.


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